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Donal Minihan is the founder and visionary behind the Minihan Group. Donal was a scholar - he has a degree and Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine from University College Dublin. Ken was a Researcher and had a prestigious career consulting for some of the world largest Pharmaceutical and Market Research Companies.

Donal is a real estate rockstar – selling over $46 million in real estate 2015. First, Donal mastered the game of how to successfully sell real estate; now, he is ready to change the game.

What is so visionary about Donal’s real estate team? Well, Donal has taken the combination of creativity, originality, and ingenuity that made him successful as an agent and built an entire organization around it. Simply put, over the few years, Donal has dissected the entire home buying-and-selling process and identified ways to streamline the process, improve the results, and demystify the steps. It really is not hard. Hire only the very best and brightest people, equip them with the most powerful tools, and support them with the best management and training. And, make sure the experience is pleasant for the client. Expensive, but not hard. Expensive, but worth it!

As you navigate around this website, you will notice an impressive group of people. Also, you will notice that each is a specialist in his or her area. For example, our agents are specialists in their designated neighborhoods. Our design team has accredited interior designers and licensed contractors, and all are experienced in transforming the homes in ways that maximize the homes’ beauty and value. Our marketing team has graphic designers and a professional writer all dedicated to marketing our homes. But what really makes the difference is that all members work together with the clients’ best interests at heart. This is not the norm in real estate.

When founding the company, Donal kept a focus on compiling and sharing information within the company. Because Donal is one of the biggest selling agents other agents routinely contact him about “off-market” opportunities. Everyone knows that Donal has the most buyers. Because of this, he also has the most information, which Donal shares with everyone in the office in a remarkably efficient way. 

Personal Facts 

Donal loves is job and constantly seeks to evolve and grow through challenges in real estate and life.

Donal has seen challenges in his life including a near-death scuba diving in Ireland in 2002. This accident changed his life triggering a round-the-world trip, which ended in Donal choosing to live in Reno as it is one of the best playgrounds in the world with great people.

Donal takes great pleasure in spending time with his friends and family. When he is working or entertaining friends or family you will find him hiking or cycling in the mountains, The Sierra Nevada Mountains are one of the seven wonders of the world for Donal